Who is ‘scout326’? ‘Scout326’ is one of the biggest whales in online poker history – allegedly down mid eight figures total in his lifetime. Obviously this is hard to prove, these are all rumors. Some years ago it was believed that this account belongs to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, which is not very likely, but made a cool story to pass along.

If you Google ‘scout326’ you find hundreds of threads from well-known poker forums discussing him. Some nosebleed players have voted ‘scout326’ to be one of the most important players in the history of online poker, who should definitely belong to poker ‘hall of fame’ because of his impact on poker economy – can be seen HERE.

And I agree. Absolutely one of my all-time TOP3 favorite players to play against. Not because he’s 4betting something like 40% and always calling it off pre (that’s obviously great too), but mostly because what effect he has on the whole table – I’ve seen numerous regs who just can’t stand the madness and simply rage-quit after dropping 5 buyins in some brutal twilightzone-fashioned way.

Last couple of months I’ve been battling it out with legendary ‘scout326’ at nl200 full ring tables. Guess he got tired dropping fat stacks at nosebleeds and finally decided to move down stakes. I think we have played over 1000 hands at one table and I might be the only player in the history of poker who is down to ‘scout326’ over this sample size haha! I’ve been running something like 10-12 buyins under expected value vs legend, but I’m not complaining – still have been enjoying every single minute of it. I’m posting couple of hands below to give you an idea what’s basically going on these nl200 tables:

What’s seen above has been my current theme lately. Otherwise I’m quite happy how the things have been going last 2-3 months, seen some improvements in many aspects of my game. Also started some smaller projects outside of poker that have been making steady growth and keeping me busy when action is low.

On the other hand, I’ve been tweaking my diet lately to find out the exact thing what I’m allergic to (not even 100% sure it’s from food) and I think I’ve come to conclusion it’s likely caffeine. Now I really have to go see a doctor, need to be 100% sure here. Don’t know how to go on without drinking any coffee in the mornings… cappuccinos in the afternoons… espressos whenever I’m in a hurry and just want a boost.

After quitting smoking 6 years ago and giving up 90% of the boozing I used to do, I’m running out of vices to indulge in. Hard drugs? Guess that’s it, because it can’t be gambling – this thing I have covered.